Wang Fuliang,male,born in June 1979.Doctor,university professor,New Century Talent of Ministry of Education,Hou Yingdong Young Teacher Fund,winner of Hunan Outstanding Youth Fund,young Furong scholar of Hnan Province.Has been engaged in the research of three-dimensional packaging,testing process and equipment of microelectronics.Inrecent years,in the field of microelectronic packaging manufacturing,more than 40 SCI papers have been published as the first author/corresponding author,including Electrochimica Acta(IF = 4.803),Jpurnal of The Electrochemical Society(IF = 3.014),IEEE transactiones on Components,Packaging and Manufacturing Technology,IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing,Microelectronic Reliability,ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging,Sensors and Actuators A:Physical,Journal of Physics D:Applied Physics and other world-calss packaging journals.Won the Ministry of Education Outstanding Achievement Award of Science and Technology Progress First Prize(rank 1),Hunan Province Science and Technology Progress Award first prize(rank 3),China Nonferrous Metal Industry Science and Technology Award first prize(rank 1) 1 second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award(rank 10),the third national non-ferrous metal outstanding youth science and technology award.